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An Act of the Imagination

3 Male, 4 Female

Bernard Slade Price: $9.99

This masterful suspense tale involves a successful mystery writer whose latest work has strangely turned into a romance a vivid and adulterous romance. His son, his second wife and his editor marvel at the truthfulness of the work, remarkable since it is inconceivable that he could ever have had such an affair

Enter a woman, who is intent on blackmail and whose story is foolproof and airtight: it appears that Arthur has been trysting away from home. Death stalks: the other woman disappears and evidence incriminates Arthur in her murder. There is a conspiracy to do Arthur in, a conspiracy that entails cunning, deceit and ingenious plotting

"Highly entertaining" ~ The Herald

"A sophisticated whodunit which manages to keep the audience on tender hooks until the end" ~ The Advertiser

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