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An Act of God

3 Male, 0 Female

David Javerbaum Price: $9.99

The One with the first and last word on everything has finally arrived to set the record straight

After many millennia - and in just 90 minutes - God (assisted by His devoted angels) answers some of the deepest questions that have plagued mankind since Creation


“Delivering a new and improved set of Commandments ... God is really killing it up there. How funny is the guy? He’s Jon Stewart funny, plus Stephen Colbert funny (David Javerbaum has written for both) … so deliriously funny is he as a sort of amateur theologian and stand-up comedy genius rolled into one” ~ The New York Times

“Javerbaum’s radical rewrite of the Ten Commandments is clever and even refreshingly positive, insisting on the separation of church and state and encouraging us to believe in ourselves, not some elderly white guy in the sky” ~ Time Out (New York)

"The jokes keep landing — nearly one per sentence — and … they are always smart. But Javerbaum [is] too theatrically savvy to leave it at that. Another note - slowly introduced among the zingers and rim shots - eventually becomes dominant, and this one, while still funny, is darker and potentially more theologically challenging than mere spoofs of Bible stories” ~ New York Magazine


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