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Among Friends

3 Male, 0 Female

Kristine Thatcher Price: $9.99

Three old friends, Matt and brothers-in-law Will and Dan, gather as often as possible to play poker

Matt is a struggling Sears appliance salesman; Will, a public school teacher; and Dan, a real-estate developer and award-winning humanitarian. Dan is by far the most successful of the three and appears to be a model citizen. But when Will surreptitiously discovers the lionized Dan cheating at cards, he decides to explore exactly how deeply the rot goes.

With masterful strokes, AMONG FRIENDS plumbs the nature of friendship, and the jealousy and resentment that sometimes lie just beneath the surface.

"Kristine Thatcher has been deservedly attracting international attention...Thatcher’s latest, AMONG FRIENDS, is a whimsical and provocative deconstruction of hetero male bonding...this play deftly charts the universally familiar waters of peer envy and explores that ever-tricky boundary between friendship and rivalry" - Variety

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