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American Heartbeat - True Stories Told in Scenes and Monologues

Sandra Fenichel Asher - Editor Price: $19.95

American history is rich and varied, and playwrights have long mined its treasures to create inspired and inspiring pieces for the stage

This great value anthology brings together 32 monologues, duets and trios and is perfect for auditions, scene work, full-evening presentations and drama-across-the-curriculum projects of all kinds

The Anthology tells the following true American tales ..

Pioneers cross the plains under dire circumstances

Native Americans struggle to maintain their culture as their homelands disappear

A Shakespearean actress defies her slave-holding husband

Stars rise in the fledgling film industry

Factory workers fight for their rights

A woman flies solo across the Atlantic

The atom bomb takes its toll on the world and on its inventors

Athletes break records and break down barriers

An ailing author battles corporate censorship to warn of a "silent spring"

A grieving mother seeks justice for her murdered son

One high-school teacher makes a desperate call to a 911 dispatcher

And another leads his students to excellence beyond all expectations

Brought to life by award-winning playwrights, these American stories still resonate in today's world and provide unique opportunities for exploration, discussion and performance

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