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All’s Well That Ends Wrong

2 Male, 5 Female

Greg Kachejian Price: $7.99

Five female college freshman get together to study for a Shakespeare mid-term

Bad idea!

One is in utter despair, desperately trying to get her classmates to study, but the others would much rather eat pizza, discuss boys, dance to the latest hits and have out-of-body experiences

Thrown into the mix is Judy, who is bent on competition

She faces off with Felicia and the two girls test with each other on Shakespearean quotes as well as trade barbs and insults

The room becomes tense and the other girls become absorbed

They all soon realize that what the Bard wrote some 400 years ago still applies today

But the real question that the playwright raises is - do they study or do they go to the party to which they've been invited?

All's Well That Ends Wrong is a wonderful vehicle to spark interest in Shakespeare's wit and wisdom and is a perfect competition piece

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