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All’s Well that Ends Swell

1 Male, 1 Female

Jason Milligan Price: $9.99

Every actor knows that the secret to a successful audition is finding the perfect monologue - one that seems as if it were written exclusively for you!

Mr Milligan is one of the foremost authors of original audition material, having already written or co-written Actors Write for Actors, Encore, Going Solo, His & Hers, Next! and Both Sides of the Story

In this, his latest volume, he has created 50 new audition pieces (25 for men and 25 for women, all various character types and situations)

Each monologue comes with two possible endings - for a total of 100 variations

But Jason Milligan goes one step further by giving you an opportunity - if you wish - to create your very own ending!

He provides you with clear, concise guidelines that will help you craft your own customized conclusions!

In this way, the collection provides an infinite source of possibilities for variety, spontaneity and individuality

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