All the World's a Stage - Volume 2

All the World's a Stage - Volume 2 $10.99

Joann R. Leonard

Published by Samuel French Inc

Large Mixed Cast
Seven More Multi-cultural Folktales picked for their cultural variety and for your interest in the lesser-known folktales, this is another installment of plays from the remarkable educational theatre, MetaStages Theatre Center ...

The Handless Maiden - "Bonjour!" from France where a farmer makes a deal with the devil for anything behind his barn. Unbeknownst to him, his daughter is there!

Kismet - "Namaste!" from India, where the youngest daughter of the Rajah asks him only for the gift of patience from his travels. He then endeavors to purchase some

The Money Garden - "Ukuthula makube," from the Bantu People of Africa where a crafty hare tricks the Chief into giving him a large sum of money so he can grow more!

Mozart it Isn't - On the outskirts of Bremen, Germany, a donkey escapes its abusive owner, gets some friends together, and they try to make it as famous singers

The Shadow Stories - "Sawaddi!" from Thailand, the golden kingdom, where a queen's penchant for mangos threatens the Monkey kingdom. Being wise, she learns that only one is needed to grow more

The Story Keeper - It's Jamaica where the wise tiger will name all the stories after the one who can bring the evil snake back alive. Anansi the lowly, but crafty spider has an idea worth trying!

The White Doves - from under the acacia tree, this tale is from Egypt, where a widowed father marries a beguiling witch who changes his daughters into doves. The girls must band together to somehow save their father and themselves

All of these tales are written with great detail with regard to the host culture. Casts 14-26. Many gender-flexible roles

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