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All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

3 Male, 2 Female

Ernest Zulia from Robert Fulghum Price: $10.95

Winning acclaim from Prague to Singapore to America, this evening of theatrical storytelling features a host of colorful characters ...

There's a shy little boy who insists on playing the "pig" in his class production of "Cinderella" and steals the show ...

... a man whose dream of flying carries him 11,000 feet over Los Angeles in an aluminum lawn chair lifted by 45 helium-filled surplus weather balloons ...

... a "mother of the bride" who brilliantly orchestrates the perfect wedding until the bowling ball of fate rolls down the aisle ...

... and a modern-day Greek philosopher who finds the meaning of life in a piece of broken mirror from World War II

This tightly woven stage adaptation uses a revue format, with monologues, dialogues, and multiple voice narration tocreate a wonderfully funny, insightful and heartwarming look at what is profound in everyday life

Music is NOT required to perform the show - it can be performed either as a Play or as a Musical but both versions will be enhanced through the use of live piano underscoring

The musical version can be performed with solo piano or optional five piece orchestration (Score available On Hire)

Click the Speaker and listen to a Sample of the Score ...

The Kindergarten Song
Charles Boyer
The Stuff in the Sink
The Bench
Reflect the Light
Tomb With a View


"Heartwarming, charming, funny and touching. The stories are about all of us" ~ National Public Radio

"A lighthearted, beautifully styled dramatization of Fulghum's writings" ~ Syracuse Herald Journal

"A refreshingly intimate combination of theatre and storytelling. Gentle funny joyous. Sparks of recognition ignited the audience" ~ The Chicago Sun-Times

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