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All American

6 Male, 6 Female

June Walker Rogers & Mel Brooks & Charles Strouse… Price: $9.99

The composers of Bye, Bye, Birdie have written another musical, this one set at a small, football-oriented college

Professor Fodorski arrives with other immigrants singing a naturalization rag with such lines as "Make us Hungarians /Into Rotarians/Change us Rumanians/To Pennsylvanians"

Frantic to please, professor Fodorski finally reaches his sports-minded students by stating his engineering concepts in football terms and, in the course of demonstrating a principle, turns a mousey student drudge named Bricker into a phenomenal kicker

(Your hip is the fulcrum, multiply by the force of the lever, your knee)

The team becomes a sensation, as do Bricker and the astonished professor

This show makes a comment on education today by putting it in terms of a bright and marvelous musical comedy

This musical has one of the most beautiful love songs ever written for a musical, the haunting Once Upon a Time

Book by Mel Brooks. Music by Charles Strouse. Lyrics by Lee Adams

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