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All Aboard the Marriage Hearse

1 Male, 1 Female

Matt Morillo Price: $9.99

Sean and Amy are your typical co-habitating, Catholic/Jewish, twentysomething couple living in Manhattan

They work hard, love each other and share common goals in life

Well, sort of ...

After nearly three years together, Amy wants to get married but Sean does not believe in the institution

And tonight is the night when they will settle the marriage question once and for all

Will they break up?

Will they keep going on the path they're on?

Will they climb aboard the "Marriage Hearse?"

This is the perfect show for anyone who has ever been married, will be married, wants to be married, doesn't want to be married, has thought about getting married, has been told they should be married, knows someone who is married, knows someone who wants to be married, knows someone who was married, knows someone who should be married, knows someone who shouldn't be married, has parents who are married, has parents who were married, has parents who shouldn't be married ...

... and everyone else!

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