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+ Albert Nobbs

1 Male, 2 Female

Gordon Steel Price: $9.75

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After a life of hard graft, retirement isnít at all what Albert Nobbs had expected

Instead of relaxing and taking things at a leisurely pace, the curmudgeonly Albert finds himself bored and nagged senseless by his wife Connie

But Albertís world is soon turned upside-down by the sudden death of Connie in a road accident, and he struggles to find a reason to carry on

Until, that is, Connie returns as a ghost

And then sets about organising a fulfilling retirement for Albert - including matchmaking with her best friend Rose

Desite Albertís protestations, he gradually learns to overcome his reluctance and begins to explore new opportunities

And now he and Connie can continue with their journeys in different directions

This spin on Blithe Spirit charms and delights in equal measures, simultaneously devastatingly painful and delightfully funny

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