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Large Mixed Cast

William Glennon Price: $9.95

Aladdin and his friends, including the dancing monkey, Toodle-de-Toos, have an eye for adventure

Zorah, the mysterious stranger from the East, has an eye on Aladdin's old lamp. Darkana Nightglade, a flamboyant sorceress, has an eye on her clouded crystal ball

The beautiful Princess has an eye on Aladdin. The Sultan thought he had an eye on his great palace until it vanished!

And the two genies from the lamp and the ring have an eye on each other's talents

There are spells, potions, and reversals of fortune as Aladdin discovers the magic of the lamp and his love for the Princess and finally outwits the crafty Zorah

This new version of the "Arabian Nights" story is fast paced and funny!

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