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Agatha Crispie

3 Male, 5 Female

Cenarth Fox Price: $7.99

Agatha Christie is famous

But not Agatha Crispie

Crispie’s mysteries Murder on the Oriental Express and The Rat Trap are unheard of

Her snobbish family ridicule her writing

A body is found in the library

The bumbling police bumble

Spinster sleuth Miss Mary Mead and meticulous foreigner Hercule Grey-Cells arrive

And Agatha disappears

Her tipsy maid Pimms removes fireplace ashes ...

... Agatha’s ashes?

This is a whodunit with red herrings, Christie puns and personalities

And that infernal, eternal mousetrap

CAST M3,F5 or M4,F5


"A well-researched and cleverly humourous play; a highly recommended evening of fun" ~ Melbourne Observer

"A brilliant cast of readily recognizable characters given a new lease of life through the fertile imagination of its playwright. This play is brilliant" ~ 96.5FM

"Agatha Crispie - an outstanding success" ~ Gundaroo Dramatic Society


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