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Aesop’s Fable-ous Christmas Tree

Large Mixed Cast

Michael Gravois Price: $10.95

Aesop's fables are given a festive spin ...

There's a mash-up of The Twelve Days of Christmas and The Tortoise and the Hare, where the six birds of Christmas compete in a comical race with the turtle dove winning, of course

And a tiny snow mouse teaches the abominable snowman that little friends may prove great friends

Ebenezer Scrooge realizes that wealth unused might as well not exist

Santa's elves dream of a life outside the workshop as they sing a "patter poem" about their ideal careers

And even though the eight reindeer panic when Rudolph gets a cold in the nose, they learn that necessity is the mother of invention

These dozen vignettes illuminate important life lessons by re-inventing the classic fables, blending humor, rhythmic elements, rapping, puppetry, poetry, song and storytelling to create a fast-paced, fun-filled show that's filled with Christmas spirit

8 to 50 gender-neutral roles

Single set - runs about 60 mins aesops_fable-ous_christmas_tree_-_sound_effects

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