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Adventures With Young King Arthur

7 Male, 2 Female

David Lewman & Kevin Stites Price: $9.99

To teach his pupil Arthur that girls can be just as smart as boys, Merlin magically travels to the present, where he invites Sara, a bright, studious teenager, to visit the Dark Ages

Her skeptical brother Matt insists on coming along, so together they are whisked back to a time of knights, castles, and evil enchantresses

By the end of the play, Arthur has learned that girls can be very clever

Sara has learned you can't always do everything by yourself, and everyone (even the terrible Green Knight) has learned that Might doesn't make Right

Music, fun and adventure all in this exciting new version of the Arthurian legend

" ... a winner ... a musical gem ... one of the most appealing productions for young audiences I've seen" ~ Chicago Sun-Times

" ... overtones of a sophisticated modern musical with underlying themes of medieval music The clever lyrics sweep the story along" ~ Chicago Tribune

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