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Actors’ Audition Speeches for all Ages and Accents

Jean Marlow - ed Price: $14.95

Finding good, interesting audition pieces is a demanding and difficult process for actors

Jean Marlow has brought together 50 selections, the majority of which have never appeared in an audition book before

The pieces, which include modern and classical, have been selected because most of them require or can be performed in a particular accent

Examples of the range of parts included are American, Asian, Jamaican, Irish, South African, Italian, Scottish, Welsh, Newcastle and Yorkshire, covering all ages

Actors can find a speech to suit their particular voice or can show their range by selecting a speech with a contrasting accent

There is an introductory section showing how to prepare and give your best performance at an audition

In addition, there are comments from directors giving their advice on how to audition successfully

Jean Marlow, with her co-director Eamonn Jones, has run The Actors' Theatre School in London for several years and is an experienced actress and teacher

All the selections in this book have been tried and tested by her students

This is the Actors edition - for the Actress edition, click here

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