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3 Male, 2 Female

Frederick Stroppel Price: $9.99

This comic odyssey charts the life and times of the title character as he makes his way through the show business jungle seeking fame and artistic fulfillment

As a baby he learns that crying brings nourishment and affection

And crying too long and loud results in scolds and smacks

Armed with this lesson about the capricious nature of existence, he launches into his craft as a child playing a Wise Man at Christmas

Then it's on to the acting Mecca of New York and acting lessons, a job in children's theatre and the crushing rejection of auditions

He heads to Hollywood and finds success on television and stardom in movies, but his time at the top is fleeting

Throughout, the Actor encounters a bevy of curious characters who influence his journey through this unnatural world

"Hilarious ... An entertaining, jaundiced sojourn [with] ... a plethora of satiric gems" ~ Variety

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