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Actions - The Actors Thesaurus

Marina Caldarone & Maggie Lloyd-Williams Price: $12.99

"If you want to act, or act better, Actions will take you a long way on the journey to excellence" ~ Terry Johnson

Every actor and director needs this book ...

It's perhaps the most widely used and admired book for use in rehearsals today

Finding the right action to play is an essential part of the process of preparation for the actor

Using this Thesaurus of active verbs, the actor can refine the action-word until s/he hits exactly the right one to help make the action come alive

The method of 'actioning' is widely used in rehearsal rooms, but has never before been set down in a systematic and comprehensive way

Actioning energises rehearsal and revitalises performance

Once you’ve started using it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it

Actioning - And How to Do It

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