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+ Actioning - And How to Do It

Nick Moseley Price: $14.99

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Actioning is now one of the most widely used rehearsal techniques for actors

Actioning is an approach that brings clarity to every moment and thought in the text, energising rehearsals and bringing performances to life

Actioning is a proven technique that enables you to discover and unlock energy, range, variety and clarity of body and voice by:

★ Interrogating the text and making initial action verb choices

★ Playing your chosen actions - both verbally and physically

★ Maintaining an imaginative and emotional connection with each moment

★ Signposting each thought to your scene partner

Nick Moseley is Senior Lecturer in Acting at London's Central School of Drama and here he presents a clear, concise and practical approach to the Art of Actioning

Actioning - And How to Do It provides student actors, those who train them, and professionals working in the industry with a comprehensive and rigorous exploration of the technique

Drawing on concepts from Stanislavski, this essential step-by-step Guide is filled with exercises to demonstrate the technique at work and includes sample scenes from classic plays such as The Seagull and The Importance of Being Earnest, as well as contemporary pieces

It's a vital component in every actor’s toolkit

Whether you're new to the technique or have been practising it for years, you need this book

Actions - The Actors' Thesaurus

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