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Acting 2.0 - Doing Work That Gets Work in a High-tech World

Anthony Abeson Price: $16.95

"I want to empower you with practical tools with which to do good work that gets work in the room work on the stage and screen that inspires all of us, that arouses not prurience or violence but that precious something, intangible but of inestimable value, that is being destroyed from our lives : our humanity"

Anthony Abeson's actor-training is an amalgam of his work with Peter Brook, Jerzy Grotowski, Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler and Harold Clurman

Many of his students have gone on to successful careers in theatre, film and television

In this book he discusses the consequences of the American acting culture's emphasis on using rather than developing talent

An informative and instructive read for anyone aspiring to an acting career


"Anthony helps his actors find the honesty in every moment. So for any actor to have just a moment with Anthony, or a class with him, or by luck, have his words to read and reread, one will be twice or three times the actor for it" ~ Jennifer Aniston

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