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Access Accents - GENERAL American - An Accent Training Resource for Actors

Penny Dyer & Gwyneth Strong Price: $27.95

An essential tool for actors needing to develop an accent at a moment's notice

Top voice coach, Penny Dyer, voice coach to Helen Mirren on The Queen and who has worked with Nicole Kidman, Reece Witherspoon and Cate Blanchett and Gwyneth Strong present an hour long voice coaching session on CD

The Audio CD contains examples of the accent from a locally born and bred person; a short history of the accent/dialect; a voice coaching lesson between an actor and Penny Dyer who will explain the phonetics, rhythm etc with numerous examples to listen to and then try; a short extract from a play

A small booklet includes some phonetic notes, transcripts of the accent examples, the play example, the background on the accent and an Introduction

An invaluable resource for every actor's library

'Penny Dyer is an inspiration to work with' ~ Helen Mirren

'An indispensible aid for actors' ~ Bill Nighy

'Penny takes away the fear of an accent for the actor' ~ David Morrissey

'Accurate, specific and enabling, these CDs are as fundamental as the use of voice itself' ~ Michael Attenborough

'Penny Dyer on a CD. What more could I want' ~ Kelly Riley

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