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About After Independence

2 Male, 2 Female

May Sumbwanyambe Price: $14.95

"Let us not dwell on the past ... I'm an old man, Charles. Old enough to know the past is only good for one thing destroying the future"

Guy and Kathleen grow their crops, raise their daughter, and pay their taxes

But Africa is changing, country by country

White farmers in Zimbabwe must now answer for history's crimes

When Charles arrives with a smile and a purchase order, there's more than just land at stake

And with violence threatening to erupt, he will do whatever it takes to restore their farm to the 'native' population

As truths are revealed and moralities questioned, are things ever more than simply black and white?

Inspired by real events in Zimbabwe, May Sumbwanyambe's debut play is an unflinching examination of land ownership, dispossession and justice in a post-colonial world

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