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3 Male, 2 Female

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Price: $8.99

A spell-binding tale of New England witchery ...

It is ten years after the harrowing and tragic events of the Salem witch trials

Abigail Williams the lead accuser who sent twenty people to their doom as a young girl now lives under an assumed name on the outskirts of Boston, quietly striving to atone for her sins

When a handsome stranger arrives claiming to be a sailor in need, Abigail takes him in

Love starts to grow between the two and long-dormant passions awaken within her

But their contentment is short-lived

Someone else is coming for Abigail, someone who has been looking for her since she danced in the weird woods of Salem

The Devil is demanding Abigail's soul

And a debt will be paid

But first, Abigail must make peace with the woman she most wronged


"Aguirre-Sacasa's skillful expression of religion and depiction of a woman's struggle for her soul is mesmerizing" ~ Times Herald-Record

"... literary brain food not so much a sequel to The Crucible, but instead a unique retelling of Faust full of heart and conviction" ~ Poughkeepsie Journal

M2,F2 + 1 Boy


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