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Abe Lincoln and Uncle Tom in the White House

2 Male, 2 Female

Carlyle Brown Price: $9.99

Alone in the Executive Office, President Abraham Lincoln is struggling with signing the Emancipation Proclamation when he is mysteriously visited by Uncle Tom, the fictional character in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s abolitionist novel

These two iconic characters from life and literature — one real, the other fiction — attempt to understand each other across a chasm of race in the midst of the Civil War

Throughout one late night and into the dawning day, they find themselves crossing over into each other’s world in a tale of suffering and self-discovery

And redemption

Runs about 75 minutes


“[A] meaty and ingenious one-act … a crafty conversation, based on an absurd setup, on freedom and slavery, on war and faith … [Brown] is a master of this type of interrogation of historical figures…In Abe Lincoln he shows the historical power of Uncle Tom … even as he attempts to rescue him from being a byword for betrayal. This Uncle Tom is a man of providence and progress … excellent work that is not to be missed” ~ Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN)


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