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Frank D Gilroy

Published by Samuel French Inc

2 Male 2 Female

A Way With Words - M2,F1

Life long friends, a writer and an accountant, meet for lunch once a year when the writer visits New York. The writer always asks how the accountant's wife is and he always replies fine, until today when he admits they have been divorced for over a decade. He has heard rumors of strife between his ex wife and her current husband and he wants the writer to accidentally bump into her as she jogs in Central Park to see if there is any chance of reconciliation. The result is surprising, comic and moving

Fore - M2,F1

Two Hollywood writers and a secretary share a bungalow at a major movie studio. One is on his first assignment; the other is a famous novelist fallen on hard times. For relaxation they putt golf balls on the lawn, using the indented sprinklers as holes. There is good feeling between them until their golf attracts disapproval. If the game isn't discontinued, their jobs are in jeopardy. A test of courage for each results

Match Point - M1,F2

Two women strike up a pool side conversation at a desert resort. They discover their husbands have been coming to the resort at the same time for many years but have never spoken. The younger woman inquires about the other's spouse and is told that he died. Several days later, when the husband arrives, he learns that a young woman they didn't know committed suicide. The husband is traumatized the perfect murder has been committed

Real to Reel - M1,F1

A woman in her fifties, the high priestess of intellectual film critics, is helped to her Brownstone apartment by a handsome young man who just saved her from a mugging. The young man is an actor and film maker whose work she loathes and whose latest picture she is scheduled to review. The electric atmosphere is fueled by his Casanova reputation and her desire. Will a favorable review be traded for a one night stand?

Give the Bishop My Faint Regards - M2,F1

A young woman interviews a Hollywood screen writing team, men whose extensive credits include a film with a line second in fame only to "Here's looking at you kid." They have always maintained they didn't know which of them wrote the line. Eventually the woman gets around to the loathsome question. Today, the answer threatens their union, sounding it to its depths with comic effect and a surprising conclusion

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