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Square - A Stage Pornography

1 Male, 1 Female

Kenneth Morgan Price: $7.99

Best of Fest 2014 Nanaimo Fringe Festival

A romantic comedy with a raging libido that explores the crisis that unattached people face in their late twenties

Eternal high school jock and big-man-on-campus Thomas Pankratz is in a rut and doesn’t care

Smug and content in his extended adolescence, he happily goes about his daily business of being lewd, crude and clueless ...

Until the warm summer’s night he gets a surprise visitor – the girl he has dismissed for twenty years as dull and “square”

Johdell Lovelien is a talented engineer who is proud, successful and tired of people shunning her company

Once again ignored instead of appreciated, she takes the initiative and comes up with a plan finely engineered to get the attention she knows she deserves

He’s a pig

She wants pork

And two grade school acquaintances struggle to discover each other

Can This Be Lust?


NB - Contains nudity and simulated sexual situations


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