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A Small Family Murder

3 Male, 0 Female

Simon Brett Price: $12.99

Elderly Valerie Trevelyan is murdered in her nursing home and the two key suspects are her sons, Gavin and Miles. Itís obvious thereís no love lost between them and they had the motive and opportunity to kill their mother. As detectives interview the sons and their senile father the distinctive characters each tell a different story. Deep secrets from the past are uncovered and the clues begin to mount up - clearly leading to one person. But is he the murderer or has he been framed? This one-act mystery murder can be performed with three actors and a male voice-over or as a male monologue
  • Craig Maudsley: Detective Inspector - voice only
  • Gavin Trevelyan: late 40s
  • Miles Trevelyan: Gavinís brother; early 50s
  • Lionel Trevelyan: Gavinís and Milesí father; elderly

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