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A Screen Acting Workshop + DVD

Mel Churcher Price: $24.95

A comprehensive training course in screen acting by an internationally renowned teacher and acting coach who has worked with actors of all backgrounds and experience - from drama school students at the start of their careers to Hollywood stars, including Daniel Craig, Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightley

Mel Churcher has developed a series of five workshops which take actors step by step through the process of creating, developing and delivering assured performances on screen

Accompanied by a unique 90-minute DVD showing all the work in action, this book builds on these workshops and lets you progress through them at your own pace ...

Workshop 1 - Keeping the Life encourages you to find what is unique about yourself and how you can preserve this vitality when acting on screen

Workshop 2 - Inhabiting the Role focuses on the emotional and psychological steps required in preparing your performance

Workshop 3 - The Physical Life introduces a series of practical exercises to develop the physicality and imagination of the actor

Workshop 4 - Through the Eye of the Camera explains the technical skills you must master to act in front of a lens

Workshop 5 - Off to Work We Go covers how to prepare for auditions and then how to handle specific challenges when you get the job

Each exercise, technique and tip is vividly illustrated on the DVD by footage from the author's actual workshops. The result is a vital masterclass in every aspect of acting on screen

"When the whole business seems to have gone loopy, dip into Mel Churcher's book; somehow she always makes sense" ~ Bob Hoskins

Mel Churcher was an actor and broadcaster for many years. She is now best known as an international acting, dialogue, voice and presentation coach and has run workshops and given lectures all over the world. She is one of the top acting and dialogue coaches in movies (see her entry on imdb for full details)

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