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A Scent of Flowers

7 Male, 2 Female

James Saunders Price: $9.99

"When we first come upon Zoe, there is a strange ambiance about her

She watches while a coffin is brought in by two comic and appealing young cockney assistants to Scrivens, the most dignified and comforting of undertakers

Little by little we come to realize that it is the body of Zoe that is in the coffin and that only her spirit is about

From then on, there are alternating scenes of her past, when she was very much alive, and of her present. These transitions are as effortless as the smooth passages from comedy to drama, and Mr Saunders' play is filled to the brim with both

In the end it is a portrait not only of a premature death but of life, and love, and the poignant failure of those who reach out to help but cannot retrieve the loss to which they have unwittingly contributed" ~ Newsday

"A literate, delicate and lovely fantasy, filled with the kind of wonder that has been so conspicuously absent from our theatre of late" ~ Newsday

"Dazzling ... consistently entertaining" ~ NY Times

"Gracefully written dramatically effective…" ~ Variety

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