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A Rosen by Any Other Name

4 Male, 2 Female

Israel Horovitz Price: $9.99

Preparing for his barmitzvah, Stanley Rosen is disconcerted by his proud mother's promise to commission a chopped liver sculpture in his likeness, but even more concerned about his father's decision to change the family name from Rosen to Royal

World War II has begun and the older Rosen, disturbed by a growing evidence of anti-Semitism, even in their provincial town of Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, wants to disguise the family's Jewish background

Although Stanley is very much a part of the local community, and even has a gentile girlfriend, Fern, he is uneasy with his father's action which, he feels, is a betrayal of a proud heritage

With Fern's help, and that of a sympathetic cousin, Manny, a shell-shocked veteran, he arranges a secret barmitzvah in the proper family name. His father, angered and resentful at first, soon realizes that his son has shown a courage he has lacked and as the play ends the family is once again united, and determined to face what may come with dignity and resolve

Inspired by characters from Morley Torgov's book, A Good Place to Come From. The second of three related plays which focuses, with warmth and beguiling humor, on Jewish family life in Ontario, Canada, at the beginning of World War II

This time the action deals with the approaching barmitzvah of young Stanley Rosen, and the crisis which arises when his father, sensitive to the growing spectre of anti-Semitism, contemplates changing his name from Rosen to Royal

" Down-to-earth honesty, sincerity and love in the writing " ~ BackStage

" an envious amalgam of wit, warmth and homey philosophy" ~ NY Daily News

" the best thing I have yet seen from Horovitz, a triumphant affirmation of an early promise " ~ NY Post

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