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A Price Above Rubies

Boaz Yakin Price: $12.99

A Price Above Rubies is set in the bustling world of New York's diamond and jewelry trade and tells the story of the struggle of a young woman, Sonia, to take control of her life amid the stifling pressures of living in a Hasidic community

Although situated in a recognisable urban environment, A Price Above Rubies employs a poetic, magic realist style to illuminate the evolution of Sonia's determination to assert her needs above those of the community of which she is a part

Both A Price Above Rubies and Boaz Yakin's first film, Fresh - which presented a black boy's struggle to survive, with dignity, in the violent world that surrounds him - exhibit Yakin's ability to bring audiences into intimate contact with enclosed communities and to reveal the humanity we all share

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