A Pair of Lunatics & Box and Cox - Two Vaudeville Comedies

A Pair of Lunatics & Box and Cox - Two Vaudeville Comedies $14.99

Paul Thain from W R Walkes & J M Morton

Published by Stageplays

A Pair of Lunatics and Box and Cox are two of the funniest and best-loved Victorian Vaudeville comedies

But time has taken its toll and Paul Thain has employed his skills to give them both a much needed make-over

Published together for the first time, these delightful one-act Comedies are guaranteed crowd-pleasers, perfect for Fund Raisers, Competitions, and as stylistic exercises for drama students

And they're still Royalty-Free!

As a gift to the theatre community, Paul has waived his Royalties for all of 2021



1 Male 1 Female

A skillful adaptation of the hugely popular Vaudeville comedy classic first performed at London's Drury Lane Theatre in 1885

HE and SHE each mistake one another for lunatics with hilarious consequences ...

This is a highly theatrical and inventive two-hander, offering a unique opportunity for the actors to showcase their range and versatility

Ideal for Victorian Soirees, especially when paired with Box and Cox, period songs and recitals

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2 Male, 1 Female

The classic plot hinges on the fact that Mrs Bouncer has rented the same room to two men

One to use it by night, the other by day

Her efforts to keep them apart and the resulting tangle are the very quintessence of the ludicrous

Box, a Printer, and Cox, a journeyman Hatter, invariably meet on the stairs of the lodging-house when one comes in from work as the other is going out

Neither has any idea that Mrs Bouncer is letting his room to the other

But today Cox returns unexpectedly and discovers Box in 'his' room ...

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