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Caryl Churchill Price: $12.99

Caryl Churchill tackles human cloning in her latest play ...

"Part psychological thriller, part topical scientific speculation, and part analysis of the relationship between fathers and their sons, it combines elegant structural simplicity with an astonishing intellectual and emotional depth ... What a tremendous play this is, moving thought-provoking and dramatically thrilling' Daily Telegraph

'Rarely in my theatre-going experience has a new play conveyed such a disturbing or enthralling impression of domestic weirdness that some families may endure in a not entirely hypothetical future ... It's an astonishing event' - Evening Standard

'Caryl Churchill's magnificent new play only lasts an hour but contains more drama, and more ideas, than most writers manage in a dozen full-length works

'Caryl Churchill's power to grip an audience is an extra-ordinary thing. Her plays perform a pincer-movement on your attention. Their ear for a subject of real concern out there in the world - feminism in Top Girls, Thatcherism in Serious Money - has always been acute, and often prescient. Their formal invention is teasing, beguiling. These are plays which don't merely debate issues, they embody them' - Observer

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