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A Night of Dark Intent

0 Male, 8 Female

L. Don Swartz Price: $9.99

From the author of the popular thrillers Halloween Dreams and Halloween Screams, comes a new shrill-enducing chiller ...

Set in October 1978, this is the story of six women, who spend the weekend together in an abandoned house

But the house is no ordinary house - 13 years prior, it was the location of the grisley Stark chillings, in which young Lenora Stark brutally murdered her parents

Now, as the six women try to unravel the secrets of what really happen all those years ago, they learn a horrifying truth - Lenora Stark has escaped from her asylum and just might be coming home!

The six women must race against the clock to solve a murder and save their own lives

A story that thrills, twists, and turns - the perfect night of theatre for any mystery lover

Character Descriptions

Miranda – (mature) A psychic with genuine gifts. She keeps having visions of her own bloody future in the house of Stark

Wilma – (30s-40s) A theatre technician and outspoken feminist with self-proclaimed homicidal inclinations

Ingrid – (30s-40s) An actress playing a serial killer who has gotten too close to her character

Holly – (20-ish) A playwright who has come to the house of Stark to reconcile a sometimes nightmarish childhood

Mrs. Thurmin – (mature) A church secretary who knows more than she is telling about the night the Starks were butchered

Gretchen – (20-ish) A hitchhiker who mysteriously appears on the side of the road near the Stark house

Deputy Terry – (20-ish) One of Chestnut Hollow’s finest, who finds herself out of her league when she comes face-to-face with a serial killer

Lenora Stark – (30s-40s) A convicted serial killer who escapes from the State asylum for the criminally Insane

SHERIFF WATKINS (Male Recorded Voice)
RADIO BROADCASTER (Male Recorded Voice)

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