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A Moon for the Misbegotten

3 Male, 1 Female

Eugene ONeill Price: $9.99

This play is part of a cycle dealing with the four haunted Tyrones and follows in sequence the previously written Long Day's Journey into Night. It concerns James, Jr., believed to be the fictional counterpart of O'Neill's elder brother

He is depicted as a hard drinking, self destructive Broadway playboy attempting unsuccessfully to blot out a haunting, horrible memory

Tyrone comes to the home of his tenant farmer, Mike Hogan a wonderfully salty and witty character and encounters again Hogan's voluptuous and amazon like daughter, Josie, able to do the work of three men

There is a tremendously moving scene when Tyrone has passed out on the farm porch under a beguiling moon, and Josie can at last hold him to her breast and claim him as her own. But when dawn comes, the moon is gone and so is he leaving Josie with a new challenge to her dauntless spirit

"Another beautiful play by Eugene O'Neill. . . . A compelling piece for the theatre" ~ N.Y. Daily News

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