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A Madhouse in Goa

4 Male, 2 Female

Martin Sherman Price: $16.95

Webs of personal, political, sexual, social and artistic deception unfold in the indigo nights and bright days of the Greek islands in this two part play

In A Table for a King, which can also be produced as a one act, a writer helps blackmail an unpleasant and uncompromising woman who refuses to relinquish her table on the terrace of a Corfu hotel for the King of Greece

Part two, Keeps Rainin' All the Time, moves to Santorini where a disparate group of expatriates, including a famous author, face nuclear rain, terrorism and the impending eruption of the volcano

The same cast may appear in both parts

"The best new play of the London year" ~ Time Magazine

"Has guts, intellectual playfulness, humor and tenderness" ~ N.Y. Times

"A piece of theatrical daring" ~ Daily Mail

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