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A Long Bridge Over Deep Water - LARGE CAST

Large Mixed Cast

James Still Price: $9.99

This Play passionately and compassionately wrestles with the question - "How does faith both unite and divide us?"

It explores the often invisibility of faith, how we make unconscious assumptions about one other based on religion, and how often those assumptions are wrong

Inspired by oral histories, community events, and the circular structure of Schnitzler's play La Ronde, the play's 10 scenes include a Native American woman who teaches ESL to a class of immigrant senior citizens; two astronauts in crisis far away from home and searching for common ground; a man who meets the woman who received his mother's transplanted heart; and a journalist who interviews a family whose son has been killed in Iraq

A joyous, restless and surprising path through a wide-open spiritual and American landscape, the Play is both intimate and epic - an expansive panorama that stages an interlocking chain of unexpected encounters between contemporary communities of faith

Unit set - runs about 120 mins

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