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A Local Man - A Play about Ben Chifley

Bob Ellis & Robin McLachlan Price: $24.95

Late in the afternoon of 9 June 1951, Ben Chifley returns to his modest home in Bathurst to write a key speech which he will deliver at the ALP Conference in Sydney the next day

Having recently led his party to its second defeat at the polls, it is a time of challenge for the Labor leader

The dreams Ben Chifley had for post-war Australia lie shattered and his health is failing

His life now seems but an epilogue to earlier times of aspiration and power

It's a time for decisions, and it's equally a time for reflection by Chifley on his life as a national political leader and as a man - a local man

Ben Chifley died in Canberra four days later


" ... a strong and affectionate monologue that is not mere hagiography, but an effective portrait behind the iconic political figure" ~ Sydney Morning Herald

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