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A Line in the Sand

4 Male, 0 Female

Guillermo Verdecchia & Marcus Youssef Price: $16.95

In Autumn 1990, during Operation Desert Shield, two young men, one a troubled Canadian soldier, the other a teenage Palestinian black-marketeer, meet in the scorched Qatari desert

Breaching the divide of a profound cultural misunderstanding and against a backdrop of massive global conflict, these two become unlikely and secret friends

This tenuous friendship is severed by the torture and murder of the 16-year-old Palestinian inside the Canadian base; an act to which his friend the soldier was at least a witness and perhaps a willing participant

Weaving poetic drama with a myriad of documentary sources A Line in the Sand rips the benevolent mask off recent western peacekeeping operations and challenges Canada's long treasured national mythology that it is a nation of quiet diplomats

It asks us to imagine how horrors like these could be perpetrated with our money, in our name and by people much like us

Winner of a Chalmers Best New Play Award in 1997

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