A Limb of Snow & The Meeting


Anna Marie Barlow

Published by Dramatists Play Service

1 Male 1 Female

"A Limb of Snow ~ the shorter play, is the one that is simply superb; it is also totally original, unlike anything in the contemporary manner

It takes place in a cabin in the High Sierras in the 1890s, just as the gold strikes are petering out. A girl has run away from home at 16, cutting herself off from her family forever, to marry a young man who hopes to make his fortune gambling in the mining camps

Now they are 21, she is pregnant, has already lost two infants, also a house that was washed away; the snow is piling upon a limb over the roof; it is time for something more stable

Her husband, a perpetual and likable optimist ('Don't think I ever have bad luck, just sometimes I don't have good luck') can't see it, can't stand the idea of giving up, being shrunk down to drab normality

All I can say is that the 40 minutes (or so) are absolutely alive and true, not just true but subtly, persuasively true" ~ The New York Post

Presented by New York's renowned ANTA Matinee Series (with The Meeting) as a two-part program entitled Double Play, this affecting and skillfully written play finds a young couple facing a crucial decision in their life together

" we were introduced to some beautiful work by a new playwright" ~ NY Post

"The Meeting ~ At a picnic in an open field, is between an award-winning scientist at a New England college and his mistress, formerly his assistant, formerly his student, 18 years his junior, now head of her own department at another college perhaps a day's drive away

They meet and sleep from time to time, but it's been grating on the girl. We arrive at the situation at a familiar point; ditch your hateful wife, and marry me. The girl has also lately had a brief encounter with the scientist's nineteen-year-old son

It's what Miss Barlow does with this situation, in which the grating mounts from one to the other, that is alive and true and attention gripping from first to last" ~ Jerry Tallmer

Part of a double bill (with A Limb of Snow) presented by New York's ANTA Matinee Series under the omnibus title Double Play. An honest, compassionate study of two embittered lovers, infused with a sense of life rarely encountered in the theatre

"She knows people; she knows character; she knows how people think and talk; how they reveal, conceal; in short she knows how to write" ~ NY Post

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