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A Life in the Theatre

2 Male, 0 Female

David Mamet Price: $9.99

"A comedy about the artifice of acting. . . . It is also about the artifice of living" ~ N.Y. Times

Two actors are seen performing, rehearsing, discussing and arguing over their work. In a series of snippets of plays running the gamut from melodrama to pseudo Chekhov to sheer corn, the two portray the reality as well as the illusion of acting and the theatre. Mishaps of the kind peculiar to the theatre occur with hilarious regularity. The older actor, Robert, is a seasoned professional. John, the younger one, is an eager to learn novice. Gradually their roles of teacher and pupil change and by the end it is the older actor who is deferential to the younger

"A glorious comedy. . . . An evening of pure theatre" ~ N.Y. Times

"A comic masterpiece" ~ N.Y. Daily News

"The warmest and often the funniest play in town" ~ N.Y. Post

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