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A Fatal Combination

6 Male, 6 Female

Peter DePietro Price: $9.99

A flamboyant, aging and loveable Greek art dealer; a reticent and revengeful librarian; a not so shallow bleached blond actress and a literary scholar all descend upon a posh Boston hotel to retrieve a rare Byzantine treasure secured in the hotel vault where it awaits an upcoming museum exhibition

Each wants the treasure enough to kill for it

George and Margaret Manning, a sharp eyed husband and wife detective team akin to Charlie Chan and Number One Son, work hand in hand to solve this deliciously sinister plot of international intrigue

Margaret gets in the way of the calculating killer and becomes the fourth and final victim

This is a thriller to the end ...

"[The audience], at times, hurled suspicious accusations at one another with the vigor and purpose of discus throwers at a championship meet" ~ Boston Globe

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