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A Delicate Balance

2 Male, 4 Female

Edward Albee Price: $9.99

The story is simple: one night a man and woman whose marriage has drifted loose and who harbor the wife's alcoholic sister from the shocks of a bitter world receive visits from both their daughter, who is home after the wreck of her fourth marriage, and their best friends, a couple who have just had the shock of their life

The friends move in and lock the door. Before they finally leave, everyone faces the same terror: to recognize how they have frittered away love until they are at that delicate balance between sanity and madness

The depths of their lives to the reaches of despair are plumbed, showing the disintegration of love by default, its perversion to self love and indulgence, and the terror that comes at the recognition of one's own depravity from which there is no surcease for the sane


"Powerful ... [with] the stature and eloquence of a classic" ~ N.Y. Daily News

"A brilliant play" ~ N.Y. Post

"An evening of theatrical fireworks" ~ N.Y. Times

"A beautiful play ... filled with humor and compassion and touched with poetry" ~ N.Y. Daily News

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