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A Cup of Coffee

Large Mixed Cast

Preston Sturges Price: $9.99

Set in the lower Manhattan offices of Baxter & Sons, a coffee company, this hilarious comedy focuses on an energetic young salesman who feels stifled by Baxter & Sons' lack of creativity

Not till he wins a jingle contest do his bosses notice his talents and start listening to his ideas about how to improve their image <

Has the eager beaver salesman really won the contest?

Will he stay at Baxter's or move on to bigger things?

And can he win the affections of the perky secretary?

Will old Ephram Baxter be put out to pasture by his sons, or will he stay awake long enough to embrace Jimmy's ideas about how to save the firm?

CAST: M10,F1


The New York critics were unanimous in their praise of this comedy classic

"Clever plotting and snappy dialogue ... A delicious brew" ~ N.Y. Post

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