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A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

Large Mixed Cast

Jeffery Hatcher from Mark Twain Price: $9.99

Lancelot, Guinevere, and Merlin come tumbling your way in this contemporary adaptation of the satirical tale from America’s favorite humorist

Travel to 6th-century England through the eyes of Hank Morgan of Hartford, Connecticut, who is unexpectedly transported back to the time of legendary King Arthur

Hank astonishes the Middle Age with his knowledge of modern technology and pop culture

At first these tricks from the future advance and improve King Arthur’s Court

But it soon becomes a struggle to evolve 1,300 years into the future ...

Hatcher’s adaptation of Twain’s romp exposes the foibles and fortes of both ages, leading audiences to question and laugh at themselves and the principles of the 21st century


“Jeffrey Hatcher can hardly open his mouth or lift his pen without dropping a dry witticism or an erudite bon mot” ~

“Plenty of laughs and a goodly amount of fun …” ~

“Light and smart…[with a] compelling protagonist [who is] out of touch with people and out of his own time, both of which are mined for a great deal of comedy" ~


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