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A Company of Wayward Saints

6 Male, 3 Female

George Herman Price: $9.99

The "Company" is a commedia dell' arte group who wander by mistake into the eye of an allegory ...

They are humanity, wayward saints all, who are far from home and without means. A nobleman may be their salvation if they can put on a good show for him

Surprisingly, the Company chooses to present the history of man, from the Garden of Eden through Everyman in birth, adolescence, marriage and death

Along the way they enact other wayward adventures such as the assassination of Julius Caesar and the homecoming of Odysseus. It is a fine mosaic of life redeemed by humor and human understanding

"Has something to say [and] says it extremely well. It is darned good theatre" ~ Arthur Ballet, U. of Minnesota

"The first part is amusing slapstick entertainment ... [The second makes] a point about how pride and arrogance destroy collective efforts" ~ Hollywood Reporter

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