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A Coffin in Egypt

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Horton Foote Price: $9.99

Myrtle Bledsoe - a ninety-year-old Texas widow - looks back on the dramatic events that caused a small Southern town, and her own relationships, incredible strife

This "almost-monologue" is a haunting tale of how men and women, blacks and whites, rich and poor are all entangled in the chaos of life


“Evil, slavery, forgiveness, and death are Mr Foote’s hard themes — not the stuff of light summer comedy, but as American as apple pie in their dark way…” ~ East Hampton Star

A Coffin in Egypt… is a one-woman reminiscence, filled with resentment and hate, for the purpose of making peace with a 90-year life … Replete with references to Katherine Anne Porter (a most influential writer in Mr. Foote’s life), the legendary actress Maude Adams and the fabled producer and theater manager Charles Frohman, who wanted to make Myrtle a star, she talks of a killer on the loose, asylums and penitentiaries, shootings and other calamities with the cool, elegant demeanor of a lady steeped in class and in the arts” ~ The New York Times


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