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A Christmas Pudding - TWO

3 Male, 3 Female

David Birney - editor Price: $9.99

More generous helpings of festive celebration told in songs, stories, poems and tales by Dickens, Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Shaw, Longfellow, St. Luke and many others ...

And again, it's punctuated by a host of traditional carols and holiday songs (from a Chorus of 8-12 Singers)

Like the original Christmas Pudding, this piece provides a perfect evening to warm hearts, stir memories and give laughter during the holiday season


“ ... David Birney’s adaptation is an evening of song, poetry and stories that celebrate the spiritual dimensions of the season ... from a diverse array of classic and modern texts, punctuated with musical interludes ... This is definitely a Christmas show ... its openhearted sentiments send a message that’s reassuringly inclusive” ~ Los Angeles Times

"A calorie-laden "Christmas Pudding" ... a place to jump start your holiday spirit as we enter the gratitude season of the year" ~ The Daily News Los Altos

"A Christmas Pudding ... touches old feelings that speak to the real spirit of Christmas ... A Dickensian Pudding in the great tradition of surprise and transformation that touches the great spirit ... wonderful!" ~ Los Angeles Times

Christmas Pudding One

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