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A Bedfull of Foreigners

4 Male, 3 Female

Dave Freeman Price: $12.99

Stanley and Brenda Parker are driving about France on their vacation

When they find themselves in a village near the German border on the eve of a local festival, they consider themselves lucky on finding a hotel room

But this kind of luck, no one would want to endure for long. In less than an hour with Brenda absent Stanley finds himself lowering an attractive, stark naked girl from his room's window

Confusion turns to chaos with the arrival of Claude Philby, the girl's husband followed by the arrival of Claude's girl friend, Simone

By the second hour, almost everybody is in the wrong bed!

Figures dressed as nuns and monks rush in and out

Seductions and confrontations run rampant

And when the dust finally settles, a weary and dazed Stanley wishes they had spent their vacation at a nice, quiet English seaside resort

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