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3 Male, 2 Female

Melissa James Gibson Price: $9.99

In adjacent apartments that resemble nothing so much as broom closets with windows, the three young, ambitious neighbors of Melissa James Gibson's [SIC] reside

They come together to discuss, flirt, argue, share their dreams, and plan their futures with unequal degrees of deep hopefulness and abject despair

All the while the four are pushing the limits of their friendship to the max and demonstrating that language can be both an instrument of intimacy and a weapon of defense

Theo is a composer trying to create a heroic theme for an amusement park ride called the Thrill-o-Rama; Babette is a writer trying to finish — or even start — a book theorizing that temper tantrums are the major motivating force behind historical events

While Frank is a would-be auctioneer preparing for his future career by constantly practicing tongue twisters as "Sally sought some seeds to sow but sadly soon it snowed"

The play explores these questing lives in language that alternates between exhilarating structural inventiveness and loony comedy, poignant soul-searching and incisive analysis of the life that may actually exist beyond one's four walls

In doing so Melissa James Gibson has created a unique play that is as witty and wise as it is stylistically ground - breaking and unexpected

"A work … concerned with the sound and power of language … The most alluring new play to open in New York this season" — NY Times

"…a wonderfully original take on urban friendship and the comedy of manners—a Design for Living for our times … the best new comedy I've seen in many a season" — NY Observer

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